Dairy products



Dairy products or food products made from milk

The processing of milk into food products is carried out to give special taste and increase resistance to storage.

Commonly used milk is from farm animals, primarily cows, sheep, camels, yaks and others.


From Anatolia to the present day

The use of milk, according to the results of ceramics chemical analysis, is known in Anatolia (the territory of modern Turkey) 6500 years BC, in Europe - from 6000 years BC, and 4000 years BC, it reached Britain. Travelers and peasants transported him in sheepskin wineskins. When shaking, milk in wineskins sometimes got churned into butter, and by 2000 BC the first technical oil mill devices are already known.


Origin of cheese

The butter was stored longer and was more convenient for transportation than milk. Around the same time, cheese appeared in Egypt and cheesemaking quickly spread throughout the Middle East and Europe. By the 16th century, most of the dairy products used today were known to all humanity.

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Block Butter
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Block Butter
25 Kg


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